Polishing and Graining

We can provide sanding, graining, and/or polishing to achieve your desired texture of material. Our staff has the experience to provide the high quality finish your parts may require. We can customize our equipment to match any finish. We provide good turnaround on high volume orders at a competitive price.

Chromium is available in a bright, shiny, mirror-like finish as well as soft stain finish. This versatile finish provides corrosion protection and good wear life as well as beauty.

Nickel - A silver-white deposit used generally on industrial products for corrosion protection and to prevent iron contamination. Available in bright high luster and soft satin finishes.

Copper - A reddish deposit used as an undercoating to insure proper adhesion of nickel plating and as a final decorative finish.

Polishing - Sanding and buffing before plating to achieve the highest luster on all types of materials.

Graining - Providing the desired texture to parts before plating.


Extra care is taken to ensure
plating perfection

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