Metal Finishing Coatings & Surface Treatments

Electroplating is the electrochemical process of depositing a metallic coating on the base material of an object when it is immersed in a plating solution in such a manner that a suitable low voltage electric current flows through it, causing metallic coating to the attracted to the object to be plated.

Chromium is available in a bright, shiny, mirror-like finish as well as soft stain finish. This versatile finish provides corrosion protection and good wear life as well as beauty.

Plating process for all zinc die cast, steel and brass parts:
 CLEANER then RINSE Work immersed in an alkaline cleaner to remove dirt, oil grease and natural oxide
 NEUTRALIZER then RINSE Work immersed in a mild acid bath to neutralize any traces of alkaline cleaner after rince
 COPPER STRIKE Flash with copper*
 COPPER PLATE then RINSE Deposit copper undercoat*
 NEUTRALIZER then RINSE Removal of excess copper
 NICKEL then RINSE Apply nickel plating
 CHROME then RINSE Apply chrome plating
*For zinc die cast parts only

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